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For over 40 years Embankment Plastics has innovated solutions for Irish based businesses.

  • Total Project Management Solutions & Expertise.
  • Expert, In-House Engineering Support For All Stages Of The Product Development Process.
  • Access To Vast Global Network.
  • Creative Solutions For Complex Technical Problems.
  • Connecting You With The Right Supplier To Fit Your Unique Product Requirements.

You also benefit from our continued commitment to innovation and investment in technology which ensures your product is delivered according to the highest international quality standards, BRC A.A. and ISO 9001.

Our experienced team can also deliver added value through integrated solutions that relieve you of the burden associated with inventory management. You can be confident that as an embedded partner in your business, our supply chain expertise and just-in-time solutions can help reduce inventory costs and meet logistical challenges while providing greater responsiveness to fluctuating market conditions.

Discover how we can add value to your business.

Injection Moulding

As one of Ireland’s largest, privately owned injection moulding companies, we are agile and responsive giving our customers greater flexibility, rapid response times and personal service to provide the ultimate peace-of-mind throughout the product development process.


We can provide as little or as much support as you need at any stage of the design and production process alongside supplementary support services. We thrive on complex challenges and have an enviable track record for developing innovative solutions and the technology to match.

Cutting Edge Injection Moulding Capabilities

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and investment, our injection moulding systems are at the cutting-edge of technology. We work with mould cavitation from 1 to 48 on a range of machines from 35 to 250 tonnes

Our fast cycling machines ensure highly efficient production and feature robotic pick and place capability, eliminating human intervention and guaranteeing hygiene, accuracy and cleanliness, which is of particular importance to customers in the pharmaceutical and food-manufacturing industries.

Central Feed System

Similarly, our central feed system automates materials handling from the silo to machine, underpinning exacting contamination controls and quality assurance.

Problem Solving

Collectively our team has decades upon decades of experience and are well-versed in problem solving. It wouldn’t be uncommon for our team to use their expertise to rectify issues with a customer’s mould in-house, providing a reliable and trusted knowledge base locally for Irish-based customers.

Whether you are at the beginning of your product journey or seeking a bespoke solution for a key challenge, our team would be delighted to discuss your requirements and how we can make the product journey as easy as possible for you.

To find out more about injection moulding at Embankment Plastics, please contact us for a confidential discussion today.

Blow Moulding

Our blow moulding capabilities allow us to accurately distribute weight, enabling customers to determine the volume of plastic in different areas of the product. This provides customers with a particular advantage when designing a unique solution that works in their supply chain.

Label & Sleeve Decoration

We have the capability for label and sleeve decoration for greater flexibility and choice, and the capacity for recycling where regrind materials can be incorporated into production as part of our customers’ sustainability requirements.

Quality Assured

Quality is assured with BRC A.A. accreditation, the highest rating achievable under this international food safety standard, an important consideration for customers in the dairy and food industries. This is further supported by our commitment to continuous inspection of bottles as part of our complete quality control system, and underpinned by our certification according to ISO9001:2015 Management Quality Systems.

Partnerships & Networks

When you partner with Embankment Plastics, you benefit from a close relationship and personal service right throughout your project. You will also have access to our global network for bespoke solutions and the knowledge and experience of our designers, engineers, toolmakers and supply chain solutions team, giving you the flexibility and confidence to achieve your vision.

To find out more about blow moulding at Embankment Plastics, please contact us for a confidential discussion about your needs today.

In-Mould Labelling

We are proud to offer IML to our customers. In Mould Labelling or “IML” is the process whereby a label is placed into the mould via a high speed robot prior to injection.

The label is then moulded onto the part during injection giving the desired finish as per customer specifications. Post moulding, the product is then removed via a high speed robot and placed onto an inspection table for further operations if required.


This unique process which Embankment Plastics now operates allows for custom finishes and individualisation on labels and sleeves of products.

Design, Research & Development

Embankment Plastics is a leader in design, research and development in Ireland with a well-earned reputation for imaginative, resourceful solutions that help solve challenges and achieve customer requirements.

With industry leading design and engineering expertise, we regularly provide design and R&D support to our customers globally and have successfully innovated solutions to highly complex technical challenges. We thrive on problem solving across design, tooling and manufacture and are renowned for expert custom solutions that is unmatched across Ireland today.

We work with customers to develop drawings of their initial concept, those that present with drawings already completed, and others who have built a pilot mould that requires specialist expertise to run optimally. Our team can provide support at any stage of the design and R&D process, giving our customers the flexibility to take advantage of our expertise when they need it.

As a privately owned organisation we respond quickly to customer challenges that might otherwise delay the time to market. Customers also enjoy greater flexibility, faster turnaround times and personal service that provides reassurance and peace-of-mind throughout the design and R&D process.

Talk to us today to find out how our professional team can provide support at your stage in your product development journey.

Cost Management

As in any project, costing your product concept is a critically important component of the new product journey. While some concepts have incredible potential, a costing exercise may reveal that financially, the product just isn’t viable. Embankment Plastics has over 40 years’ experience in costing injection moulded and blow moulded product concepts and has a high degree of accuracy for costing based both on our professional expertise and our global network of specialist mould makers.

We can provide professional advice based on your business strategy including the lifecycle of the product, and then cost the development of the mould and putting the product into production to provide you with an end unit price.

As one of Ireland’s largest, privately owned blow moulding and injection moulding companies, we have the flexibility and vast industry relationships to manage the entire costing process on your behalf. This gives you the confidence to know that your product has been properly and accurately costed to avoid any surprises later in the development process.

Before you take the next step in your product development journey, we encourage you to call on our expertise to thoroughly cost your concept. Talk to us today via email or telephone to get started.

Project Management

Embankment Plastics is the market leader in Ireland for total end-to-end solutions that are unmatched across the country.

Our complete project management solutions take customer requirements from concept to delivery, with careful attention from our expert in-house teams at each stage of design, engineering, tooling and high-volume manufacturing.

You can trust us to take control and responsibility for your project and work closely with you throughout until your product is shipped.

Embankment Plastics is one of Ireland’s largest, privately owned blow moulding and injection moulding companies, giving us an unmatched ability to offer our customers flexible solutions, personal service and a close relationship that achieves manufacturing excellence and heightens business efficiencies.

With over 40 years’ experience under our belt, our professional team will provide you with the utmost in confidence, delivering on-time and on-budget while making the entire process as easy as possible for you.

For a safe pair of hands that will successfully manage your product from end-to-end, talk with a member of our team today.

Supply Chain Management

With over 40 years’ experience behind us and a professional in-house team, you can have confidence that Embankment Plastics has the technology and expertise to deliver the supply chain solution you need to heighten your business efficiencies.

We understand the challenges businesses face in managing stock. Let us relieve you of the burden associated with inventory management. As an embedded partner in your business, we can manage your complete supply chain with just-in-time solutions that allow you greater control of your production, warehousing and transport costs while having the peace-of-mind that your product will be available precisely when you need it.

Our team has extensive experience in supply chain management that has afforded our customers a range of benefits from greater flexibility and fast turnaround to heightened responsiveness to fluctuating market conditions.

We work closely with our customers and have access to their customer portals, giving us control to manage consignment stock and ship anywhere in the world. As a result, our customers enjoy a valuable resource for their business that removes road blocks and challenges and makes the process as easy as possible.

Talk to a member of our team today to learn more about our supply chain solutions and how they can add greater value to your business.