Our Commitment

We are committed to our community and to our local environment, with a variety of Initiatives, both established and upcoming, to ensure we do all we can to promote best practice in the plastics manufacturing industry.


Solar Panels

This ambitious initiative was completed in the second quarter of 2022, under the guidance of our Directors Barry and Jacqueline, who have a keen interest in solar power and sustainability. Over 1200 panels were fitted to the roof of our building, covering a surface area of 1 full acre. 8-10% of our electricity now comes from our solar panels.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

We have recently completed the installation of 6 EV charging points for our staff and visitors. These will also be used by our electric company cars, a mix of brand new Volkswagen and Hyundai models.

Plant Infrastructure

Our water colling, material transfer and Compressed Air Systems represent the latest technology, using energy saving motors and energy recovery systems. This reduces our energy consumption and increases the efficiency of our manufacturing, as this infrastructure allows our production to be controlled and on-demand.

School Initiatives

We are beginning to create connections with our local primary schools and are keen to drive an understanding of the importance of recycling plastic and indeed the duty of manufacturers to create a culture of sustainability, wherever possible.

For our local secondary school students, we are keen to highlight the role of engineering and STEM in plastics manufacturing and promote the opportunities available at Embankment and indeed in Ireland.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

We are members of Repak and operate a continuous recycling and waste reduction programme. Our focus is on reducing our production waste output to less than 1% and our general waste output to zero.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are very proud of our gender balance at Embankment and our diverse hiring policy among all levels of our operational team.


We are in the process of transitioning all internal communications and audits to a paperless system, spearheaded by our Quality Manager, Ronan Murphy.