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Our expert team thrives on making your new product journey as easy and enjoyable as possible.

  • Imaginative, innovation-led and solution-oriented approaches to contract manufacturing.
  • Agile, responsive and rapid decision makers.
  • Get your product to market in a timely and hassle free manner.
  • Customised levels of support; from concept design and engineering to tooling and manufacture.
  • High volume experience.
  • Creative solutions for complex technical problems.
  • Latest engineering expertise and cutting-edge technology.
  • New concepts can be fully costed by our engineering team to help customers determine the level of investment required.

With stringent quality controls including BRC A.A. and ISO 9001, our customers are assured of the highest quality delivered throughout the development process.

Our team provides a safe pair of hands for bringing your concept to completion. With over 40 years’ experience in Ireland as independent leaders in our field, you can be confident that we can deliver your product according to your exacting requirements.

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Closures & Components

Embankment Plastics has over 40 years’ experience in contract manufacturing for high volume closures and components for multinational customers and renowned global brands.

Innovation is at the centre of all we do and we thrive on finding solutions for complex, technical challenges. Our in-house, full-time engineering expertise and close, personal service ensures rapid response and a flexible approach to the development of your product.

Quality is guaranteed and underpinned by ISO22000:2018 Quality Management Systems and BRC A.A. certifications which provides our customers in the dairy and food sectors with peace-of-mind that their packaging products meet international food safety standards.

Our team can also provide customers with sub-assembly support for convenience and efficiency, and even provide stock control to heighten the efficiency of the supply chain. From labelling boxes with product barcodes to replenishing stock when levels fall below the threshold, this vertical integration solution relieves the burden of inventory management and logistics including transport and shipping.

Management of the supply chain even extends to raw materials management where certain materials are required for specific product types. Our team can source and manage specialist raw materials to ensure there is constant capacity for the volume of product required.

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Embankment Plastics is perhaps best known for its milk packaging solutions where milk bottle caps were developed by our expert engineers for the Irish market in the early 1980’s. Today, our milk caps are ubiquitous across Ireland and are a showcase example of an innovative product developed under British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards.

Our tried, proven and trusted caps are produced in high volumes according to international quality standards. We have achieved A.A. certification, the highest rating possible, from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) for international food safety standards alongside ISO22000:2018 Quality Management Systems certification.

Many of our customers find our short supply chain solution highly beneficial where the challenges of stock control and logistics add an extra burden to business. Our team can manage your supply chain to ensure continued availability of your product according to your stock levels.

We can even manage your specialist raw materials, label your boxed products with barcodes and coordinate transport and shipping logistics. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on your core business while enjoying peace-of-mind that your supply chain is in safe hands.

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Innovation, experience and flexibility define our approach to bottle manufacturing where
our customers can take advantage of a variety of opportunities from label and sleeve decoration to the use of regrind materials for fully recyclable bottles. Our customers can even determine the weight of the plastic in different areas of their bottle to achieve a unique solution that benefits their supply chain.

Dairy and food customers can rest assured that our processes are underpinned by the most stringent quality controls. We have achieved the highest rating possible – A.A. – from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) for international food safety standards and subject all bottles to inspection for quality control. Our quality commitment is further assured by ISO22000:2018 Management Quality Systems certification.

Our team has developed specialist expertise in stock control, giving our customers added control over their costs and responsiveness. As an embedded member of our customer’s team, we have the capacity to label boxes with product barcodes, replenish stock levels and coordinate transport and shipping logistics. We can even manage specialist raw materials to ensure continued availability for the volume of product required.

To learn more about bottle innovations please get in touch with a member of our team today.

Assembly & Sub-Assembly

If sub-assembly is a component of your product, our team can provide this support alongside labelling boxes with product barcodes, maintaining an adequate volume of specialist raw materials and replenishing the end product when stock levels fall below a certain threshold.

As an embedded partner in the customer’s supply chain, our support provides customers with effective management of their inventory to guarantee continuous supply and relieve the burden of transport and logistical challenges.

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