Embankment Plastics is in the enviable position of being located in the picturesque village of Blessington in Co Wicklow. Our facility is located 5 minutes’ walk from the majestic Blessington Lakes. Working in such a natural environment serves to provide us with a constant reminder of the importance of looking after our planet. This acts as a guiding principle as to how we operate on a daily basis.

This principal flows right through our manufacturing process as we operate some of the most energy efficient equipment on the market, from our moulding machinery, water treatment, compressed air and materials handling.


Plastics often has a bad reputation but did you know that or HDPE (High Density Poly Ethelene) 2 litre Milk containers are fully recyclable. The bottle, cap and sleeve can all be recycled to go back into the supply chain. Plastics milk bottles are the only milk packaging that can be recycled back into milk packaging.

We are members of REPAK (Ireland’s Industry Recycling body) and follow their guidelines in terms of packaging recycling.

Waste management

Any unused Plastic in our processes is sent to our recycling partners for reprocessing and reuse in the supply chain. This also includes any cardboard, pallets, shrink wrap from transit packaging. We operate a complete circular waste system for all packaging flowing into and out of our facility.

Expert Groups

Embankment Plastics Ltd. is also a national expert member within European Standards contributing our extensive expertise in reducing the impact of plastics on the environment. This participation at European level is entirely voluntary as our commitment to our core principal of protecting our environment with the constant inspiration by our surroundings of the picturesque Blessington lakes.